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ACJA hosted Welcome Dinner to NJA delegation

 Beijing, China : The President of All China Journalist Association (ACJA) which is situated in Beijing at No. 50 Xijiaominxiang hosted a Welcome Dinner in honor of six member high level Nepalese journalist delegation of Nepal Journalist Association (NJA) on 15th June 2016. The NJA delegation which was led by its President Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya arrived Beijing from Hongkong on 15th June for one week v...

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NJA delegation towards China

 Kathmandu: At the official invitation of All China Journalists Association, the six members Nepalese Journalists delegation is left Kathmandu today for two weeks visit of China and Hongkong.   The delegation will led by President of Nepal Journalists Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya. In the delegation, Mrs. Subha Laxmi Sakya, Mr. Mohan Bir Thapa, Mr. Hari Gopal Pradhan, Mrs. Bidhya Thapa and Mr...

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NJA supporting on the success of the first H-bomb test in DPRK

 Kathmandu : 9th  January 2016   The President of  Nepal Journalists Association and NJA for studying Juche Idea & Songun Policy has extended warm congratulations, Greetings and best wishes to the Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN for  the successful first H-bomb test of  Juche  Korea on January 6, Juche 105 (2016) which was conducted under the strategic resolve of...

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NJA Fully support KIM JONG UN

 New Year Address             Kathmandu : On behalf of Nepal Journalist Association, Nepal-Korea  Friendship Association and Asian Regional Institute of Juche Idea, President of Nepal Journalist Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya fully supported the New Year  Address of  1 Jan 2016 by Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un.   ...

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